Autocom cdp Pro

autocom for trucks

autocom for trucks

New Launched 2012.02 model of autocom have fairly a few functions,like multi colour index, connecter with directed, voltage analyze, framework selection vin, iss, isi, report execute, obd-functions, common and support run,New Founded 2012.02 variation of autocom can concentrate on additional cars, newer vehicle.

But before you update or utilize your Autocom CDP 2012.02 Variation Autocom CDP additionally,it’s necessary to understand these FAQ

Issue 1. I got autocom for trucks Before from other supplier,can I upgrade to 2012.02 Version?

Answer: regardless of where you bought before ,All Autocom CDP may upgrade to autocom cdp 2013.3

Question 2: I Bought a autocom cdp 2013.3 three in 1 for OBD2 & Trucks & Automobiles some times past from adkautoscan, when I activate the autocom for Cars, can it be exploited by me on vans?

Answer: No, when you initially trigger for car, nowadays you desire to function on vehicles, you’ve got to have to activate again

Question three: I Bought a autocom cdp 2013.3 additionally, does this need to trigger?
Reply: Certain, not only that, but wants to trigger, you have send Activefile to us ,we will Active that for you

Query 4: Basically upgrade my autocom cdp 2013.3 variant, might I make use of the preceding 2011.03 or 2011.01 Variation again?
Reply: No ,you can not

But possibly after update your autocom cdp 2013.3 , With Latest Variant autocom cdp 2013.3 in addition, you maybe fulfill the issue is the malfunction ” VCI not Found”,however, this error wasn’t against the outdated 2011 Variant

Here,I shall instruct you how you can impede this problem:

Clear your registry also
Erase that 2 Autocom directory
add “” line to Windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts file
Reinstall and reactivate your soft

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