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Dungeon Fighter
We review the board game Dungeon Fighter. This game combines a dexterity based dungeon crawler and cooperative play. Dungeon Fighter gives a unique angle on an old genre.

Dungeon Fighter does have some faults that I believe I should point out. One, you have to possess the right table. You need a surface that hard (we attempted playing on a padded table with devastating results) and has enough space. You need to have enough room. This shouldn’t be a difficulty for most folks, but it is something to keep in mind if you’ve a gaming table that is little.

In addition, it helps the game isn’t bogged down with a heavy rule book. The rules are super easy to learn and the players will likely reference the rulebook is for a symbol description that might be on a monster’s card. This helps a player’s turn to advance quickly. Collect your dice and give it a throw. It will be helpful if you’re not a very shy individual along with a few of the required throwing positions might be a little silly.

One last thing one person really loved was the specific abilities of the characters. Each character has 3 unique abilities, each of which corresponds to a colored dice. It was a fine touch that helps to add some strategy to the game. You have to be careful which die you chose as you don’t need to stop the next person in the move order from having the ability to use their power that is critical. There are a decent amount of characters to select from and this helps keep the replay value high along with the game varied. Both a win in my novel.

Dungeon Fighter Online was developed by the Korean studio Neople in 2005 and initially went by the name’ Fighter & Dungeon.’ More lately, Nexon has picked the game up and has made a decision to bring it to the North American crowd. The game entered has opened its doors to all players as of September 15 and closed beta testing in July 2009. Dungeon Fighter is an interesting mixture of old and new concepts; it has many of the standard fantasy MMORPG attributes we have grown accustomed to, but mixes them with fast-paced, classic beat ’em up style gameplay found in oldschool console names for example Double Dragons and Streets of Rage. The game is comparable to the Pi Story that is currently defunct, but has a more mature artwork style.

To progress in Dungeon Fighter Online you must fight off a battery of enemies, including bosses and goblins at each grade. These enemies will attack by flinging stones, among other strategies. Depending on the character you choose to play, your counterattacks will vary. Players use the arrow and specific letter keys on their keyboard to move around, jump and launch attacks in Dungeon Fighter Online. You can make use of in-app purchases so as to better arm yourself against your foes and make the game simpler to get through.

Neople, a subsidiary company of Nexon plus Dungeon Fighter Online’s programmer, has been working with Tencent Games as China has a long record of rules about what is and is not satisfactory in a game, to help adapt the game for the Chinese audience. You can play the game on your own computer or an XBox 360, determined by your favorite platform, if you’d like to see what all the fuss is all about.

Dungeon Fighter Online plays like a mixture Streets of MapleStory,Rage , and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , similar to Little Fighter It joins RPG components (gear, abilities and leveling) with action (real time fighting, jumping, button mixes and hit blends).