Chinese Horse Bow

Chinese Horse Bow

How to Discover Your Draw Length: Buying a Chinese Horse Bow online can appear to be a daunting task. There are many variables you will need to possess knowledge of when shopping. As you get knowledge of each of these variables and how to determine your personal needs the bow deciding process will end up a lot more easy.

One thing to take in to consideration when buying a Chinese Horse Bow is the draw span. The draw span is the distance in the nock on the string to the grip when the bow is at full draw. Determining the correct draw span is actually an easy job. It’ll require two or two individuals only a minute to determine the right draw length and you will be one step nearer to purchasing your bow!

A bow set at the appropriate draw length will enable you to have three sound core points. The core points being where your hand rests on your own face neck region, where the string and your nose hit you and the cord, respectively. Establishing these core points is crucial in order to hold and draw the bow in the same position every time that you simply shoot your bow. Additionally, having a draw span which is too long may result in the string slapping your arm.

To obtain the draw span you will need only spread your arms straight out on each side to ensure they’re completely extended. The measurement will need to be taken to finger point. This measurement will then need to be split by 2.5. If you are going to shoot a Dloop then one half an inch should be subtracted from the total. It’s not that difficult!

Before you purchase your bow, take a few minutes to follow the steps above to discover the draw length you will need. It’ll then be time for the next critical stage of the buying procedure…


Chinese Horse Bow

In 2007 Bear Archery and Team Primos had come together for the first time to produce a bow which was sure to turn heads. The new Truth had a new layout which featured a parallel limb design with cracked limbs, an axle to axle length of 33″; a modest brace height of 7″, 8 factory installed vibration dampeners, elliptical perimeter weighted single cam system and shot a whopping 314 fps. Not only was this a bow comparable to any on the marketplace but left all of them in the dust when it came to price.

Does the Truth 2 match up? Side by side the typical specs don’t show much of a difference for example; like the original the Truth 2 is 33″ axle to axle, has a 7″ brace height, but is a little lighter weighing 3.9 lbs vs. 4.2 pounds and it does shoot a little quicker shooting 318 fps vs. 314 fps. The actual changes come in the total layout of the bow. These changes not only effect the Truth 2 that is new but also new 2008 models including: Lights Out, Game Over and Done Deal.

The most visible changes comprise:

Flare Quad Limb design using FEA (finite element analysis) they’ve evenly spread the stress on the limbs during draw and release of the bow this even pressure proves to bring about a smoother release and a more even and efficient energy transport to the arrow and optimizes the reduction of vibration and sound.

Arc Cord Suppressors were added to both ends to again maximize the decrease in the string of noise and vibration.

A new synthetic handle which improves comfort and displays a large Bear Archery logo.
The new Truth 2 additionally features a new Perimeter-Weighted Modular Cam System.
Axle-Mounted Weighted Dampeners.

Overall without having shot at the bow we’re finding some really favorable changes in the new constructed Truth in addition to the rest of the Bear Archery 2008 Chinese Horse Bow line. Though we haven’t seen any costs on the bows that are new it seems to be another great year for Bear Archery and you’ll soon see them at your favourite archery site or pro shop.

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