Hi, are you a frequent user of cosmetics? Do you know that there are certain risks associated with the use of cosmetics? Only like there are pros and cons in everything you do, the use of cosmetics can lead to risk in some cases or just dangerous to health, if you are using the wrong sort of cosmetics or you’re using cosmetics that are poor and harmful.

First of all, an expression is don’t drink and drive. It isn’t great when you’ve drunk alcohol above the legal prescribed limitation but determine to drive after that. Similarly, drivers must also understand that the use of handphones is not safe for driving.

While this might seem rather out of this world and may not happen, I think putting on cosmetics while driving may seem to be quite a real thing, consequently there’s some risks related to this and I would advise one to refrain from putting on cosmetics and driving at once!


Always remember to close your make-up containers tight when you’re not using the makeup.

This will help maintain the make up and the cosmetics. In addition, do store your cosmetics in a cool dry place. Do not leave your cosmetics in an area which is exposed to continuous heat or sunlight. Heat and sun can kill the preservatives used in the cosmetics which can be added to preserve it and to kill fight bacteria off.

Oh another stage is never to share your cosmetics and makeup with other people. It is simple and is primarily due to hygiene reasons that are private common sense really. Just like you may not share your clothes, towels or personal toiletries with others, please additionally don’t share your cosmetics also. Beware also when you try out samples at a departmental store and always use a fresh sponge to apply these cosmetics. Please also do not apply the cosmetics directly for your lips, eyes, etc. It is best merely to test it out on your hands’ skin.