Flame Retardant TEP

Previously, flame retardant TEP clothing was worn only by the firefighters and these clothing used to be uncomfortable, heavy and bulky. Yet, producers these days, have made it potential for flame retardant TEP clothes to look similar to regular clothing worn by people. There are quite numerous benefits related to such protective clothing.

Flame Retardant TEP

Firstly, flame retardant TEP clothing provides protection from fire and fires. When there is a person wearing regular clothing and is exposed to fire, fire will be caught by his garments at a speed that is speedy and he can get hardly any time to escape. It will take only seconds for cloth that is ordinary and cause serious burns. In addition to this you won’t be at a danger of serious burns. Flame retardant TEP wear is actually a live saving thing.

These are not practical alternatives for protective clothing, although there are certain kinds of protein fibers like wool and silk which are challenging to catch fire. Polyester and nylon take quite some time to ignite, however they provide only a small degree of protection. Garments made of modacrylic are hard to catch fire and if clothing does not easily catch fire, the wearer will be at a decreased danger of sustaining burns and injuries.

They extinguish rather rapidly and also become cool in a short while.

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