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Are you really using plastic juice bottles manufacturers every day to feed your infant… to microwave foods… to place the kids lunch in a plastic bag… or to conserve foods? My guess is you are.

Sadly, a growing number of information is coming out about the dangers of plastics in food preparation or “food saving”. The danger is in the plastic…. particularly hard plastics such as Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers.. sports bottles… and microwave dishes.

The problem is “BPA” (bisphenol A)… among the most produced compounds in the world. BPA is found in plastic… and what happens is when you put food or drink in the plastic bottle or container, the BPA is escapes out into the food or drink. Plus, if you’re microwaving the bottle or container, you’re most likely increasing the amount of BPA that goes into your food or drink.

BPA has been shown to cause reproductive problems such as miscarriage and other reproductive issues. If you are pregnant, you should be especially cautious about BPA exposure.

BPA is even found in toys and plastic teethers! Thus ensure you give infants fabric-like playthings.

Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers

Even the FDA has concerns about BPA. “The FDA agrees that, due to the doubts increased in some studies concerning the potential effects of low dose exposure to bisphenol A, additional research would be valuable. The FDA has already been moving forward with planned research to address the possible low dose effects of bisphenol A, and we’ll carefully assess the findings of these studies.”

So is there anything you can do about it? Well, there’s no way you are able to completely be free of BPA however you can minimize your exposure.

If you look on the bottom of the baby bottle (or any other plastic container which you use) … and see a recycling number “7” (near the triangle), get rid of the bottle as it might contain BPA in it. Call the maker if you don’t see a number on it and ask them what number it is.

Here is a listing of what are regarded as the safest infant or sports bottles to use as they haven’t been shown to leak toxins…

Rubbermaid ChuggablesBottles, Rubbermaid Sippin’ Sport Bottles, Evenflo Coloured Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers, Evenflo Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers (opaque, pastel), Gerber Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers (colors), Medela Pet Plastic Bottle Manufacturers.

When saving food (for leftovers) or only for placing your child’s sandwich in a bag so they can eat it at school, use the following… as they’re recycled and never have been shown to leak toxins into your food…

Canned foods are the most common source of BPA. That includes canned soups, pastas and pops (although pops don’t contain as much as soups and pastas).Here are a couple of tips to allow you to select pet plastic bottle manufacturers on