Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

how to treat a yeast infection

Yeast infections come in various sorts, but there’s one fact that remains constant throughout – women are generally affected by them. The cause of this infection, according to medical sources, is the Candida albicans; that is a specific kind of yeast. When this yeast naturally builds up in the vagina, imbalances are caused; and a yeast infection results.

It should be noted that steroids, consequently result in a yeast infection, and antibiotics, and some birth control pills can cause an unbalance of bacteria. Also, wearing tight jeans can also help cause the yeast infection, as a result of jeans not giving the place room to breathe. While there are various drugs available on the market for curing or preventing yeast infections, natural remedies can be even more effective in treating yeast infections.

There are several home remedies that have cropped up over time, and it must be mentioned that not all are real. Girls as such, should take caution in applying remedies located online, and should consult with a physician before taking action.

home remedies for yeast infection

The first home remedy that’s one of the most effective is consistently placing apple cider vinegar on material or a cotton ball, and applying to regions impacted by the yeast infection. A disadvantage to this method is that it can frequently produce an itchy feeling – this is often fought by the addition of garlic to the area, which naturally reacts with the vinegar as well as remove itchiness.

The home remedy that is next is another one that’s apparently worked wonders. Yogurts or curds are extremely powerful, and it is informed by many to soak a tampon in curds or yogurt and add it into the contaminated area for around an hour or so. Repeat this process 2-3 times daily until the infection heals itself.

While home remedies for yeast infections are not ineffective, there is nothing more powerful than preventing the infection in the first place. One great method to prevent a yeast infection is to drink 1-2 glasses of buttermilk every day, whether you’re infected or not. This will keep your bacteria in good supply, making it substantially harder to receive a yeast infection and healthy.How to treat a yeast infection? Get the easy way by visit:http://www.healthdoyen.com/home-remedies-for-yeast-infection.html.